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Geeta College of Education is reputed for providing quality liberal education in the humanities and the basic sciences. The academic life is rigorous and designed to lay a firm conceptual foundation and provide professional expertise necessary for adapting to the challenging work place. The college has as its backbone excellent infrastructure; the teaching laboratories and general facilities are amongst the best in the Haryana. The faculty is distinguished and the support staff dedicated. The teaching-learning programmes are marked with personal mentoring; pupil teachers are encouraged work in collaborative teams and learn from peers. The emphasis is on innovative teaching strategies that provide experiential learning through project work, field work and case studies. The college has several career oriented teaching program it will soon be introducing adjunct modules to enrich and add value to the teaching programmes.

Geeta college of education gives a pleasent environment for studies. The techears gives a deep knowledge of all subjects.

Geeta College of Education is situated between a lush green environment. which gives us a complete peaceful environment for studies.

Geeta college of education have a fully equiped building with all infra facilities. Our building having all aminites hall, seperate library, language lab etc.


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